About Local Find project

Hi, I'm Wojciech Kucha and I'm the creator of Local Find. I'm a developer by trade, and as a developer I've always been very analytical about how certain things work. One of the things that fascinates me the most is how the exchange of goods and services occurs between people. That sparked the idea of creating a classifieds website where you can easily and effectively connect with other people, where you can find products and services using a website which is smart and quick.

Yes, there are many ad websites already out there, but in my opinion I don't think there is a single one which does it well enough. My idea is to bring people and technology together and provide a website which is smart, easy to use and powerful in its features.

Our Values




Our Approach

Bring up-to-date and technologies and processes together to give the best possible experience. Empower the user!


Local Find applies lean methodology to the core of its business. This allows us to achieve higher quality, speed and alignment with customers.